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What is an Electric Bike?

An electric bike is a very similar to a conventional bike but with an electric motor, battery and drive unit. Looking and riding like a normal bike, the motor adds power to your pedals up to 25 km/h - all of our bikes are pedal assist - there are not throttles here!

What are the advantages of an Electric Bike?

Whether for leisure or commuting, you can travel further, faster and carry heavier loads than you can on a normal bike.

But that dosent mean you won't get any excerise. Yes, less effort is required but you can turn the assistance level on the motor down too, or turn it off if you want to ride a normal bike.

Running costs are cheap. After the initial cost of the bike, even with regular use an electric bike will cost less than £10 of electricity a year to run. Typically a battery will charge from flat in 4-5 hours.

How far can I go on an Electric Bike?

Range depends on a few things. How many hills you ride and the strength of the wind have an influence, as does the level of assistance from the motor you're using. The amount of weight being carried also affects the battery life you get from your electric bike. Lastly, making sure your tyres are correctly inflated will help to increase the range available.

Most e-bikes will give you a few hours on full power, and of course the level of assistance can be adjusted depending how much you need for a given situation. Most electric bikes have a display that shows battery remaining and some give a range based on the current riding conditions.

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